We are a team of women who believe that creating meaningful experiences and projects with PURPOSE can make the world a better place. We bring all of our talents and unique skills together to produce powerful and game changing content. We look forward to helping you bring your own purpose to the world.  

Christina Korp


Astronaut Wrangler - Space Marketer & Producer - For 12 years Christina managed former NASA astronauts and creating brand, licensing and marketing campaigns around space. She has 18+ years of producing events, concerts, galas, award shows, promotional videos and content. 

For the past decade she's been focused on changing the world through space initiatives and doing her best to help advance the mainstream awareness of how space impacts the world. 

Production partners




Sophy Williams

YELLOW MOON YELLOW MOON Founder & CEO / Co-Producer of Apollo 50th Gala

Batman’s Robin! An enthusiastic, dedicated and loyal cohort and counsel for any project. Once she’s in, she gives her all and offers unwaveringly objective and dependable advice.  A committed marketing, events, fundraising and sponsorship expert.  Specialises in cause-related global campaigns working with high-profile personalities and luxury, adventure/travel and sporting brands. Co-producer and organizer of the Apollo 50thGala which over a 3 year period raised over $2m for STEAM education. Co-founder of and CEO of

Helen Marshall

THE PEOPLE'S PICTURE CEO & Creative Director / Co-Founder of The People's Moon

Every picture tells a story

The People’s Picture is a photography and design studio from British artist Helen Marshall. Every artwork is made up of thousands of photos yet every single one tells a story.

As an artist-led studio practice we create innovative photo mosaic artworks and installations at the leading edge of design and technology. Pictures are powerful. People connect with pictures. People share their memories, dreams and celebrate through pictures.

We are experts in visual storytelling, digital photo mosaics and bringing communities together to create, celebrate and own their unique legacy.

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